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Dec 3, 2012 10:30pm PST
in district eight. we have very regressive legislature here proposed by mr. weerner that is more for show than anything else. nude people are not causing a problem. they're only expressing themselves. i have not experienced one act of lewdness there. if that's what you see then it's in your own head. as far as sitting in the seat and spreading your legs, called flaunting. it's actually being comfortable. if you take perspective on the issue, you look at the middle east where women are made to cover up and you look at europe where there are public nude spaces. indeed in parts of germany there are parts that are set aside for nudists. there is a river there and ride down the rubber tubes and at the end they get on the bus to ride down the river again, so this is part of our puritanical moral heritage that causes nudity to be a problem and it's a problem in the people's own mind. i walk down the street all the time and see something that i don't like to look at but it's part of life. i voted for supervisor wiener. i'm not going to make that mistake again. [applause] >> next speaker
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1